Wednesday, March 19, 2008

an introduction: in words.

one pot + the corridor project.

one pot is a multidisciplinary project actively investigating the rituals of the table and the power of the table as a cultural locus, a living archetype.

the corridor project - june ‘08 - may ‘09

the 1-5 interstate highway corridor stretching from eugene, oregon to vancouver b.c. is the single most expansive and prominent architectural space in the region some affectionately refer to as “cascadia” or what the less poetically inclined call “the pacific northwest”

this carpet of land - which i call home - is consistently lauded by national and international delegates as one of the most environmentally progressive regions in the united states. vancouver, portland, and seattle - are cities to emulate - according to planners, environmentalists, policy makers, and the ever present swarming media.

yet in this middle of this environment of self congratulation resides a silent building (that has yet to capture the cover of dwell magazine) - 300 miles long - and with over 500,000 daily occupants - it is a mammoth residence of asphalt, concrete, and steel. it collects stunning light, requires constant attention and maintenance, and hosts some of the most remarkable views in the land.

it is as egalitarian as the automobile (non motorized vehicles are not permitted on this super structure). and it is the only roadway in the three states that enjoys constant supervision by dozens upon dozens of public safety officers.

despite this impressive police presence it is the most dangerous neighborhood in our region. it is the most dangerous for children, for the elderly, for pregnant women, and for well bodied citizens. the mortality rate per square inch is higher than any neighborhood in america.

but the corridor project is not an exercise in underscoring or attempting to affect the dangers of the roadway. the corridor project has much less lofty goals: to allow for the consideration of this piece of architecture, this community of transients, this civic space - and the lands that flank its fast moving streams. it is genuinely and simply a project about perspective.

our brightest intellects, artists, architects and planners in the pacific northwest appear to spend the majority of their time and imagination considering the densely populated cities - strung like jewels along the necklace - of the 1-5. it is our goal to seduce some of those individuals to the table - and allow for an enlarged dialogue.

twelve tables

once a month for twelve months ONE POT in collaboration with other artists will endeavor to draw some attention to the in-between, the building we all share - this vast common space called the 1-5.


twelve dinners. alongside, in the middle of, and spanning over the interstate.

twelve locations - some dangerously close to the onslaught of traffic - some idyllic in their vantage point. one crossing an international border, one hung over the highway on an overpass, one floating in a major body of the water, and a solitary midwinter dinner party for one in the physical margin between northern and southern traffic.

the events will bring leading architects, poets, historians, policy makers, farmers, craftsmen, elected officials, and local community members to a common table - exposed to the elements and offer an opportunity to share food and conversation while in the shadow of the monumental structure of the 1-5.

the dinners will be made using food exclusively from local farms - working with local chefs and winemakers. the dinner itself will be an expression of the specific place it is hosted. some dinners will be in the sparkling sunshine - some will be in driving rain - or a blanket of snow. one dinner will host 100 people some will be as small as 10 - and the dinner in the margin will be for a single individual.


each dinner will be filmed, photographed, and taped. a short silent film will be created from each dinner. a separate but corresponding audio track will also be produced, including the sounds of the table and the various conversations that emerge. a website will track the progress of each dinner - include writings from the guests, and allow for ongoing discussion to take place for those in our region and beyond.

this project is being conceived as an online phenomenon and as an exhibit that is capable of being shown in various cities. it is our hope that proper funding is secured to produce a modest but handsome monograph of this work - including commissioned essays from our distinguished dinner guests - and in-depth documentation of the creation of each dinner.

the table

each table will be designed in collaboration with an artist in the region. the designs and the resulting tables will reflect the the environmental challenges and opportunities of each specific site.

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